Courses of surfing

Classes surf

They are used in the MartiƔnez Beach in Puerto de la Cruz. It is a ideal place to learn how to dominate waves. The classes are imparted, and are controlled by instructors who are titulated. They put all the material that is necessary. * The classes last 2...


Course for children in the summer (only for residents)

These classes are ideal for children to start practice and it is a healthy sport before going into the water, there is a warming up period. The children are always observed and controlled by instructor very high qualified and experienced. The material is included. The...


Courses of surf in winter for children (only residents)

For the child to practice surf in winter upgrade the level and they can be excellent surfers. In winter we offer courses for children in the islands, so in this season they can do a sport with total security and have fun. Improve their level and you can become...


Summer surf courses for children (No residents)

Courses of surf for children who are on holiday. So they can try this sport while on holiday. For this course there are 2 options: Classes by hour. Classes by day: half a day of 4 hours, 2 hours of practice, 1 hour physical and 1 hour of theory.